Kohler KDI 1903M-MP & 2504M-MP

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Description - Kohler KDI 1903M-MP & 2504M-MP

The Kohler Marine (Lombardini Marine) engine range has been expanded to include two new models:

KDI2504M-MP (50HP@2600rpm) and KDI1903M-MP  (40.8HP @2600 rpm) .

These new engines offer high power at low speed which ensures quiet efficient operation.


Specifications - Kohler KDI 1903M-MP & 2504M-MP

  • KDI1903M-MP (40.8HP @2600 rpm) 3 Cylinders
  • KDI2504M-MP (50HP@2600rpm) - 4 Cylinders
  • Digital panel
  • Alternator 12V - 120A
  • Electric starting
  • Oil extraction pump
  • 100Nm PTO facility
  • Exhaust mixing elbow
  • Fresh water expansion tank
  • Sea water pump front mounted