like you

What's in a brand?

Our brand represents who we are and what we stand for.

More importantly, it answers the customer question, “Why work with us rather than the other guys?”

Over 40 years we've developed a strong and recognisable heavy machinery brand that our people and customers trust. They know we deliver world-leading products that we wrap up in a personalised service.


So why change
a successful brand?

The world is changing and fast. The best brands keep evolving to keep up with what their people and customers expect from them.

When we started we were all about transmissions and diesel engines. Today we deliver so much more for our customers.

And tomorrow will be different again as technology, innovation and sustainability become a bigger part of how we deliver.

Our brand needs to evolve to who we've become and where we are going, while always remaining true to our roots.


Where to start reviewing our brand?

At the place all good brands start - by talking to our people and customers about what our brand means to them. Here's what they told us:

  • Our competitive advantage is more than just the world-leading products we sell and support. It's our amazing people and the work they do to tailor solutions to the things that matter to customers.
  • Our size, our nationwide coverage, our understanding of Kiwi conditions and our end-to-end offering are also core strengths.
  • We're seen as a hard-working, down-to-earth, approachable and reliable brand. Customers love that we find ways to get the things they need done.

But our people and customers also told us to evolve some of our past foundations and to get ready for a more sustainable world of alternative fuels, AI and other innovative technologies.


Capturing our story

Based on what we heard, we set out to create a story that really expresses who we are, what we stand for and where we're going.

Our people and customers remained key partners in the process, reviewing different story approaches with us and helping us refine a final story that captures us and our relationship with them.

Local Like You. It's our brand story but it's equally our people and our customers' story.

Local like you.

Our story started simple. Two Kiwi mates, with a passion for engines and a relentless drive to find the right solution and to do the best job for their customers. Over 40 years on, our team is nearly 300 strong and the machines are better, faster, and more high-tech.

But we've still got that same determination for all things mechanical, and working as a team to do right by our customers, no matter how hard the work is. It's an attitude that holds true when you're here at our place or down at yours.

Yes, we sell, service and support some of the world's best brands but down on the ground, it's local knowledge that really counts. Our people know local conditions and industries, and what matters to locals like you. After all, we're part of the same communities you live and work in.

Here's the thing: The world is moving fast and the products and services our customers expect from us are always changing.

Our industry is about getting your hands dirty but now it's also about embracing technology, innovation and sustainability.

We're embracing the changes, constantly upskilling our people and working with our global partners to lead the way in delivering the tailored solutions our customers need.

So here's our commitment to you: no matter what your world looks like next year, or in another 40 years, we'll still be right here, alongside you, delivering the superior sales and service experience you've come to expect.

After all, we're locals just like you. So let's roll up our sleeves and work together to support you, and the communities we both call home.

with purpose

Core to our story is the idea that we live and work in the same communities our customers do.

It's our knowledge of local industries, local conditions and local people that lets us deliver the solutions that make the most difference to our customers.

In short, we use our local know-how to support our customers to succeed. That's our what. Creating thriving communities is our why. By helping our local customers grow we're creating more sustainable communities - financially, socially and ecologically. And that's a good thing for us, for our customers and all New Zealand.


In 1981 we started life as Transmissions and Diesels Ltd.

As our business evolved so did our name and we became TransDiesel in 2004.

Today, the next phase of our brand journey begins with a new name...


What's in a
name and logo?

The TD in our new name is a nod to the foundations of our brand.

It's the X that brings the real difference, expressing the world-class service experience we want our customers to have, every time they deal with us.

Our fresh new logo is also full of meaning.

The arrow signifies moving forward together with our customers, supporting each other to succeed. The hexagon demonstrates the importance of partnership between our people, customers and suppliers.


Our brand

Our promise to our customers is this:

We'll always seek to understand you and your needs better than our competitors. And we'll use this local knowledge to tailor the best sales, service and support experience possible, allowing you to achieve the things that matter to you.

We capture this promise in our new tagline:


A fresh
new local

Black has always been our brand colour and we take it to the next level by partnering it with a fresh colour palette led by our unique Greenstone colour.

Green reflects our community aspirations, a sustainable future and our Kiwi heritage. The dynamic green and black combo really stand out in an industry dominated by the same blues, reds and yellows.

But it's our new imagery that will really bring the local story to life, complementing hard-working product images with those of customers achieving results, our people in action and of our communities thriving.

And a straight-up way
of communicating

We want all our communications to be open and friendly - just like us.

You'll hear this in our tone of voice that will always come across as real, easy and smart.

All our conversations - written or spoken - will be a real discussion between two local mates talking about things they're both passionate about.

We'll be straight-up and to the point, using everyday Kiwi language - not technical gobbledygook, pushy hard-sell or meaningless corporate speak.



And to bring the brand alive locally we're launching a new initiative to support local customers and their communities.

Each branch has been allocated a budget they can use to support local causes, charities or events. How each branch uses the funds is up to them, but they'll all have a strong environmental and/or social element that enables communities to come together and thrive.



And we've taken the idea of helping our local community thrive even further.

As part of brand launch, we've thanked all our people by giving each of them a Prezzy Card with one simple instruction:

“Do whatever you want with it but make sure you spend it with a local business or charity.”

It's another way for each of our team to make a difference to the local communities they belong to.

After all, that's exactly what TDX is all about.

So come on.
Join us on the next phase of our exciting journey.