The Process: Data Analysis.

Our reports are sent via email once the testing is complete and the results have been reviewed and evaluated by a professional technician. These emails also contain a PDF attachment which can be printed or sent to interested parties.

You can expect your results within two working days (of physical receipt of the sample). If you have not received the results in this timeframe, do email us at or call us on +64 03 344 8415 as we may have problems identifying your sample due to incomplete label information. We encourage you to become familiarised with our labelling requirements by downloading our datasheet here.

Sample reports can be used at a high level to prioritize work by simply looking at the Evaluation Code. These evaluation codes are best thought of as a priority coding system for any action that needs to be taken.

For example, oil that has been extracted at the end of a long drain interval may be depleted and not suitable for further use, but if these results are normal for the hours the machine has done and the label indicates that the oil has been changed, then no further action needs to be taken and therefore this sample may receive an A result.

We encourage you to become familiarised with our coding system and what our rating means to the life of your motor vehicle;

Evaluation Code Significance

Acceptable - no action required.

Borderline or we wish to bring something to your attention. No action required but continue to sample and read the comment to see why.

Something appears critical or needs to be checked or changed. We believe some action is required. Read the comment as the action may not require workshop attention.

Results appear extremely serious and we believe urgent action is required to save the equipment or operators from harm (if it is not too late).

Accessing your data

All sample data is stored permanently in our Oil Status database which is available 24/7 for online users.

Our website supports both Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, and may not display results properly with other platforms. Ensure pop ups are enabled as you will not be able to view advanced features if pop up blockers are active.

A user ID and a password are required to log into our database. These are typically set up based on incoming sample labels alternatively, email us at to set up an account for you.

Every email report sent to you has a link that takes you directly to a specific sample on our Oil Status website, which can save you time.

You can also navigate directly through our database at any time and find the entire sample history for every piece of equipment you’ve submitted to us. The login fields are found at the top of the home page for this website.

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