Pump Station 1 Rebuild Christchurch



Christchurch City Council Sewerage Pump Station 1 (PS1) 

Water and wastewater services are supported by pumping and processing stations all around Christchurch. These must be kept up and working in a power outage, they have standby generators to supply power in these situations.



The PS1 building was damaged in the February 2011 earthquake with the floor dropping significantly in the area where the generators were located. In 2016 they started repair. This required the removal of the two existing 800kVA Detroit Diesel generators and controllers while a new building was constructed and then reinstallation once completed. These generators are cooled by heat exchanger units, so there were a number of ancillary services that needed to removed and re-instated at a later date.


TDX had the two generators removed and transported to our Christchurch depot for storage and to complete some minor maintenance while not in service.

Once the new building was constructed TDX was engaged to install new exhaust systems, air inlet and outlet sound attenuation louvers, water pumps and fuel systems.

Along with rewiring the control systems for the generator and new higher performance heat exchangers for the cooling of the generators.

As the site was an active construction site we had to work with other trades to complete the work required in the new generator room as space was limited once the generators were in place.

Our TDX Power Products team were involved in making sure that the generator control systems worked correctly and that the exhaust and air inlet and outlet conformed to the required sound emission standards. Our TDX Engine Rebuild staff were also involved in getting the engines serviced as well as setting up the new heat exchangers to work at optimum performance.

TDX had to engage with diesel fuel system installers Petrotec, to run certified underground fuel lines from the onsite diesel storage tank and with irrigation and pumping system suppliers, Waterforce to provide pressurised water supply to the heat exchangers.

The PS1 project was delivered on time, even with a few issues due to the failure of components such as AVR’s and MCB’s caused by age that were only discovered in the testing of the generators when installed.