The  TDXperience

Discover what Volvo, Yanmar and Shell and the support of the TDX team means for our valued customers.

In this series, you'll hear from the real experts- our customers, and their 'Xperiences' with TDX and our world-class key brands.

  • "TDX has the local industry knowledge, which goes a long way to help me to make my decisions"

    - Gareth White, G White Logging.

  • "Attention to detail and taking the time to understand our business"

    - James Rutter, EnviroNZ.

  • "Fuel efficient, value for money with great backup and support from TDX"

    - Nathan Gibbons, Stevenson Aggregates.

  • "You get to know when you're talking to someone who knows their machines"

    - Cam Paton, Paton Civil.

The Volvo TDXperience

  • "I find Yanmars are one of the best out there. One phone call to TDX and the servicing is done in our yard"

    - Michael Jones, Dyers Road Landscape & Hire.

  • "Yanmar is extremely reliable and TDX understand what we're trying to achieve"

    - Edward Basset, NC Hire.

  • "As we expand, we can guarantee that TDX will be with us on that journey"

    - Josh Beaumont, Green Civil.

The Yanmar TDXperience

  • "With the complex business we have, we need reliable service and products, TDX provides us.”

    - Jason Hurley, Fonterra.

  • "TDX have a great wealth of knowledge and Shell is the best brand for us to be using"

    - Stephen Watkins, OceanaGold.

  • "TDX has been a great partner with us being able to supply everything we need, when we need it"

    - Darrel Craig, Sanfords.

  • "We can't be running out of oil, we need good communication levels and TDX is probably the number one"

    - John McKenzie, Euromarque.

The Shell TDXperience