Our story started simple

Two Kiwi mates, with a passion for engines and a relentless drive to find the right solution and to do the best job for their customers. Over 40 years on, our team is nearly 300 strong and the machines are better, faster, and more high-tech.

Our industry is about getting your hands dirty but now it's also about embracing technology, innovation and sustainability. We're embracing the changes, constantly upskilling our people and working with our global partners to lead the way in delivering the tailored solutions our customers need.

So here's our commitment to you: no matter what your world looks like next year, or in another 40 years, we'll still be right here, alongside you, delivering the superior sales and service experience you've come to expect.

We're locals just like you. So let's roll up our sleeves and work together to support you, and the communities we both call home.

Our Brand Promise

Our promise to our customers is this:

We'll always seek to understand you and your needs better than our competitors. And we'll use this local knowledge to tailor the best sales, service and support experience possible, allowing you to achieve the things that matter to you. We capture this promise in our new tagline:


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Holts Car Sanitiser quickly eliminates bad smells and bacteria including viruses from your car and air conditioning system, to freshen your car and its interior fabrics.


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