Waste Management reaching new heights!


Waste Management NZ Ltd is NZ’s leading provider of waste disposal services. The company collects, transports, treats, recycles, recovers and disposes of residential, commercial, and industrial waste.

Their North shore transfer station at Rosedale Road in Auckland was looking for a mobile material handling solution to manage the sorting of incoming waste and bulk loading of outgoing landfill trucks.

After reviewing four machine options they selected a Sennebogen 818M E Series material handler. The 22 tonne 818M is widely used and proven in this application throughout Europe, however this is the first Sennebogen machine of its type in New Zealand working in this particular application.

The machine is fitted with a Rotobec RPA3045T48 rotating waste grapple, which allows some sorting of the waste prior to loading the landfill trucks.   The extra wide jaw and elongated head structure enables operators to grab large loads, while the holes allow small debris to fall through.

The 818M was put straight to work at the Waste Management site, following extensive operator familiarisation and the official handover to the team on site.

Chris Wills, Waste Management’s Manager for New and Best Practice Technology, remarked about his machine selection criteria. “We were looking to replace our current waste handler, which is an excavator. The excavator is limited by its visibility and stability when loading waste into the trucks, so we were looking for a machine that enabled efficient and safe practice, by way of a raised cab handler”, Chris advised.

The biggest issue in this application is the vision of the entire waste handling process, from sorting and collecting the waste at ground level to loading the trucks accurately and safely. The Sennebogen enables the entire work area to be in full view. “The elevating cab means we can operate the complete procedure with this machine safely. Furthermore the reduced tail swing is crucial to us, due to the limited space the machine has to operate in and the rear and side cameras are also critical to safe operation”.

“The Sennebogen offers a very stable base and ability to raise the cab ensures that the operators can load the trucks accurately and precisely”   Chris added. The 818M offers high stability, due to the broad outrigger area & stabiliser arms.

“Other safety features that we were impressed with and swayed us towards choosing the Sennebogen are the side platforms and sliding cab door, which allow the operators safe entry and exit”.  The Sennebogen has non slip work surfaces and step grids with railings around the cab sliding door, offering maximum protection and safety.

This machine will have two operators, both of which were impressed with the operator comfort and quietness of the machine. The machine is fitted with an air suspension comfort seat, automatic climate control and convenient joystick control, with a colour monitor for right side and rear facing camera feeds. The 818M offers high capacity cooling, thanks to large and robust fans and coolers which have automatic fast and strong fan reversal for blowing out radiators and continuous cooling capacity.

Chris concluded, “Overall the 818M will allow our operators to work more efficiently and productively with the waste handling process due to the Sennebogen’s capability to cover and view the whole operation”.

The modular design of Sennebogen machines enables a versatile material handling solution and allows customers to build the machine to suit their specific needs and application.

Watch a video of the Sennebogen 818E here