Finance support and options from TDX Finance & Leasing


We are all in this together and although you may not have dealt with TDFL before, we are here to support you where we can.

At TDX Finance & Leasing we’ve got your back and want to help where we can.  If any or all of the following would be beneficial, please get in touch:

  • Have you had finance arranged through TDFL;  send an email or call us to discuss how we can negotiate either an interest free period or payment holiday while we all get back on track.
  • Equity release;  do you own a fleet of assets that has your cash tied up, then see if we can arrange a facility to release up to 80%* of its value back into your business (*dependant on age, value, type and approval – each case to be reviewed).
  • Finance worries;  we have decades of experience and if you just want to talk through your thoughts and worries regarding your finances we’re here to listen and at least look to point you in the right direction.

Lastly, we’re all hoping this is temporary and work through this quickly.  So if you’re still mindful and planning your future purchases we can create ways in which to make them easier on your cashflow when we’re back at it.  Please get in touch to discussed soft start plans (lower monthly payments for 12 months), interest only starts or anything else you can think of we can look to support.

Look forward to speaking with you and helping you in any way we can

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