Volvo Days 2014


Volvo Construction Equipment recently held their annual Volvo Days event in Sweden. Visitors from 50 markets around the world visit Volvo Days.

The event gave TDX the opportunity to take customers to Volvo Construction Equipment's most spectacular and popular event. The event provides customers with an impressive package of activities, with the highlight being a demonstration showcasing the the complete range of Volvo Construction Equipment machines available at the customer centre in Eskilstuna, Sweden. There is also a chance for customers to test drive the equipment and visit several factories, such as the Wheel Loader pplant in Arvika and the Articualted Hauler plant in Braas. It's not all work though, there was also time for other activities, such as sightseeing in Stockholm and having dinner at the Bollinder-Munktell Museum, which chronicles Volvo Construction Equipment's history beginning in Eskilstuna in 1832.

The Volvo Days event has run regularly since 1958 and this year's event certainly exceeded all of our customers expectations, most of all the impressive demonstration and test driving of the latest machines from Volvo CE and learning about the full Volvo offering.