A new L220H wheel loader was recently delivered to Dongwha NZ in Gore. This machine joins a L50H loader, which was delivered last month.

The L220H’s main roles will be unloading the log trucks, feeding the ring row which feeds the MDF manufacturing plant, along with cleaning up around the log piles.

It is able to perform such a wide range of duties, due to it being fitted with ensign log forks, within which a 9.5m3 bucket can simply be locked inside of.

Pictured with TDX’s Territory Manager, Mark Hopwood is Dean Cochrane who manages the log yard for Dongwha and who was instrumental in selecting the Volvo’s due to their comfort , reliability & performance.

The machine was sold and delivered by Mark Hopwood and the hand over and operator familiarisation was done by Brent Mitchell from Product support.