TDX and Shell present... TDX and Shell present... Know your oil with Hayden Paddon Know your oil with Hayden Paddon
Hayden Paddon

Navigating what oil is best can often be a challenging task. What oil to use? When should you top up? and what do all the numbers mean? These are all common questions asked by kiwi motorists every day.

Who better to answer these questions and more than kiwi rally legend, Shell lubricants ambassador and our mate Hayden Paddon, winner of multiple NZ rally championships including the most recent 2021 series.

Introducing know your oil with Hayden Paddon.


Why use Shell oil?

What is GTL? and why does Hayden use Shell Helix Ultra?

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Keeping your oil topped up.

Why does your vehicle burn oil and what happens when there’s too little or too much oil?

Hayden also demonstrates how to accurately read your vehicle’s dipstick.

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It’s all in the oil name.

What do all the letters and numbers mean in the oil name?

Hayden explains why these numbers and letters are important.

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Finding the right oil.

It’s important to choose the right oil for your vehicle.

Hayden demonstrates how to find and order the right oil for your vehicle via the rego search on

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Tips on topping up your oil.

Hayden takes us through his 5 easy tips on topping up your vehicle’s oil.

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5 facts about Shell Helix Ultra.

Hayden gives us 5 facts about why Shell Helix Ultra is the oil of choice for Paddon Rallysport and is the service fill choice of Hyundai road cars worldwide.

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Find the right oil for your vehicle!

1. In field tests, Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology demonstrated superb engine cleanliness. The result, test vehicles maintained the same fuel economy and performance as they had the day they left the factory, based on a 100,000 Km fleet trial.

2. Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 provides unsurpassed corrosive up to 4x better wear protection than the latest industry standard, Based on Sequence IVA vs API SN using SAE 0W-30.

3. Shell Helix Ultra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 provides up to 2.6% greater fuel economy , Based on ACEA M 111 fuel economy results compared with an industry reference oil.

4. According to information on, Shell Helix Ultra is the first oil made from natural gas, and is more pure than traditional mineral oil.

5. Shell Helix Ultra protects engine parts at extreme temperatures up to 1000 degrees celcius.

6. According to an infographic on, Shell Helix Ultra is the service fill choice of Hyundai vehicles all around the world.