KONRAD 600 SERIES - 620, 660 & 680

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Description - KONRAD 600 SERIES - 620, 660 & 680

Konrad Marine is a leading manufacturer of stern drive propulsion systems for global marine applications. The 600 series Stern Drive Product line features 3 models: KONRAD 620, KONRAD 660 and KONRAD 680

Konrad 620 - Considered the workhorse of the fleet, the 620 is a dependable, robust drive. By combining Konrad's proven, single 51cm propeller technology with stronger shafts and gears, the 620 has set a new standard for stern drive durability.

Konrad 660 - For performance driven applications, such as extreme government patrol or sports leisure boating, the 660 is built to meet your demand for speed. With dual, counter rotating 41cm propellers, this drive is designed for 7 - 15 metre vessels with speeds up to 60 knots (70mph).

Konrad 680 - Engineered with the largest, strongest gears in the industry, the 680 gives you efficient carrying capacities up to 7.7 metric tons per drive. This model operates with extreme efficiency in the 46mph range and sports dual 51cm counter rotating propellers.

Every drive in the Series 600 is designed with Konrad's exclusive Harmonically Tuned Gear Train (HTGT) technology which optimises the balance of your drives, minimises drive vibrations and improves overall synchronisation of internal components, providing a significantly smoother running system.


Specifications - KONRAD 600 SERIES - 620, 660 & 680

  • Tapered roller bearings, spaced for optimum load carrying capabilities support the shafts
  • Castings manufactured from high strength, heat treated aluminium
  • High strength, heat treated alloy steel gears
  • Shafts manufactured from high alloy, heat treated steel
  • Industry leading U-joints for increased load carrying capacity and extended life
  • Commercial, military and recreational applications