Rebuild facility & used spare parts

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Description - Rebuild facility & used spare parts

TDX started out by fixing and rebuliding transmissions and diesel engines. It’s in our blood and we love it.

We have a knowledgeable team who can help bring your machinery back to it’s former glory be it an engine, transmission or a bigger project like a complete
machine rebuild.

We also have a huge inventory of remanufactured and used parts for all of our brands ready to go and if we don’t have something in stock chances are we will know where to find it.

We house a large inventory of non-current, out of production, obsolete and surplus components and parts. This inventory allows the repair to OEM standard of thought to be obsolete engine, transmission and earthmoving equipment.

Our extensive range of spare parts include components for hard and driveline components for out of production Terex Rigid Hauler and Articulated Dump Trucks and out of production Allison Off Highway transmissions.

We can quote competitively for all spare parts including all Axle and Driveline components, Differentials, Orbitrol Valves, Hydraulic Rams, Wheels & Rims, Brake Parts including Drums, S-Cams, Linings, Callipers, Pads and Slack Adjusters.

We can offer major components for the repair of all out of production, off highway Allison Transmission. Items available include, Main Housings, Input Shafts, Output Shafts, Planetary Carriers, Clutch Plates and Torque Converters.

TDX Ltd Rebuild facility