Volvo Forestry Excavators

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Description - Volvo Forestry Excavators

Volvo tracked forestry carriers are designed to work in a wide field of forestry applications. Thanks to a wide range of forestry attachments available the machines can be used in harvesting, processing, loading, stump harvesting, trenching, scarifying, planting and forest road building applications.

See the attached brochure for full specs of our purpose built machines for NZ conditions.

Three models available EC250D, EC300D and EC380D

Watch a product walkaround video by clicking on the image below.



On the Job with Shane from 4Ward Harvesting

On the Job with Mike from MHE Logging


Features - Volvo Forestry Excavators

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Purpose-built, high-walker undercarriage and high capacity track motors with heavy duty track motor covers

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Heavy duty full length track rock guards. Dual mounted bottom rollers on top. Reinforced idlers with derail guards.

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Heavy duty swing-ring guarding provides full protection for swing-ring bearing and grease piping.

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Volvo Forestry Care Cab with standard 400 mm cab riser and full forestry guarding meets global safety standards. Front window is 32 mm safety glass.

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Heavy duty right-side body deflector rail and reinforced right corner guard post. With spacious lockable tool storage

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Factory high lift boom and arm with heavy duty forestry guarding, integrated piping, hydraulic cylinder and work light guarding.

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Heavy duty rear body deflector rail and top rails for added protection

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Enhanced heavy duty underbody guarding with bolt-head protection keeps forestry debris and rocks from damaging the super structure.

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Reinforced side doors with heavy duty screens protect coolers and pumps while providing maximum air flow.

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Boom cylinder guard. Optical boom foot riser increases boom and arm reach and overall machine stability


Specifications - Volvo Forestry Excavators

  • Researched, designed and purpose built for New Zealand conditions
  • Three models available EC250D, EC300D and EC380D
  • Factory built forestry spec cab
  • Heavy duty under guarding
  • Heavy duty boom and high lift
  • Slew bearing guard
  • Heavy conterweight and factory high and wide undercarriage
  • Ready to go straight to work to meet the ever demanding conditions
  • See attached brochure for full machine specs