Meet The Beast!


Micheal Hills giant 39.5m catamaran, aptly named “The Beast” is ready for launching at Foxton on Thursday this week. It took Profab Engineering 22 months to build this impressive boat in Palmerston North.

The hull and the superstructure were transported separately and welded together in Foxton and the vessel is about to commence its' sea trials.

With a top speed of 14 knots and a range of about 5,000 nautical miles, it can sleep 22 people, can carry 76,000 litres of fuel, 14,000 litres of water and 14,000 litres of sewage.

Built as an ultimate adventure charter vessel, The Beast will be fully equipped with a game fishing vessel carried on the deck, and an amphibious tender

The Beast is fitted with four Kohler Marine Generators (2x 70EFOZDJ 70KW / 88Kva and 2x 125EFOZDJ 125KW / 156Kva), sold and managed by Scott McAlpine of TDX and supplied to Lloyds Class Specification

The generators will operate on PGEN (Parallel Generator System) which is Kohlers’ own operating system to link 2 or all 4 generators automatically depending on load profile.

The DEC3500 controller allows you to parallel two or more Kohler generators with a single communication wire. That means no oversized switchgear, no costly add-ons and no complicated installations.

It enables instant Auto Transfer and Paralleling, so when the first generator’s load is light, the second generator automatically drops off.

When the load is heavy, the second, third and fourth generator automatically comes online to provide the power needed to carry the load.

Or if one generator is in trouble, the second generator senses the problem, starts up and takes the load automatically.

Rick Barnes of TDX will be completing the commissioning of the generators in late March

The attached engineering layout shows the multi-level engine rooms.

Here is a short news item about the Beast: