Volvo CE reports lowest carbon emissions on record through electric powered partner site


Low carbon emissions were just the tip of the iceberg “discoveries” for Volvo and Skanska’s electric-powered quarry operations. A reported 70% reduction in energy cost and a 40% drop in the cost of operators, meant that this joint venture’s insights were not just environmentally significant, but also fiscally savvy.

” The Electric Site project aims to electrify each transport stage in a quarry – from excavation to primary crushing, and transport to secondary crushing. It incorporates electric and autonomous prototype Volvo CE machines, new work methods, and site management systems, which together form a complete site solution. New technology encompasses machine and fleet control systems and logistic solutions for electric machines in quarries.” (from Volvo CE’s website)

When asked about the ground-breaking findings of this project, and the implications and applicability for partners and customers alike, Mats Edenborg, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director for the APAC Region of Volvo CE, was enthusiastic about the potential of “green technology”, especially because environmental commitment is one of Volvo’s core values. He believes that this technology will be adopted by the company and offered to consumers in the very near future.

The collaboration between Volvo CE and Skanska has spanned several years and is ongoing. Located near Gothenburg, Skanska’s Vikan Kross quarry is only 200 km approximately from one of Volvo CE’s main factories in Braås.