All new Volvo E-Series now available in NZ

27 Nov 2020


The new line-up of excavators offers many class-leading features relating to power and efficiency, safety, innovation, as well as boasting European car-like levels of operator comfort - all of which help contribute to a favourable cost of ownership.

 Volvo is also world-renowned as having outstanding safety credentials, with the same consideration extended from cars to heavy equipment.

 “We have been suppliers of Volvo equipment for almost 10-years and are continually impressed by the overall package available with the product over a variety of applications,” said Charles Malcolm, General Manager of Equipment, TDX New Zealand. “When it comes to excavators, no brand does it better.  We’re confident the new Volvo E-Series range will find favour with owners and operators as it delivers enhancements across all facets onsite, most importantly less downtime which means more opportunity to get the job done and add value to your business.”

A key development associated with the E-Series is an engine upgrade to Stage 5 Emission compliance, which improves fuel efficiency, and highlights Volvo’s ‘high torque, at low RPM” reputation.  An upgraded hydraulics system raises pump power for smoother and faster operation, which results in quicker cycle times, higher productivity and lower operating costs. A variety of working modes are also available, which can be selected to best suit the task at hand.  These modes include idle, fine, general, heavy and power max.  Selecting the correct mode for a specific job adds further power, performance and efficiency. “Volvo’s vision in the environmental space with regards to sustainability aligns with our own company ideals,” said Mr Malcolm.

 “Our Volvo excavators are working in some remote and pristine locations around New Zealand across a range of different applications, it’s important to have every confidence you’re doing your bit to be environmentally responsible, reducing your carbon footprint and having as little adverse impact on the landscape as possible.” An all-new cab design, featuring slim pillars and large expanses of glass, enables better all-round visibility for the machine operator. Extra sets of eyes are also available courtesy of rear and side view cameras, both of which are displayed on the colour monitor.  A 360-degree Birdseye camera is also an option.

Such advancements not only improve operator efficiency, but also reassuringly enhance the safety of those working alongside in the immediate vicinity. The redesigned cabin environment delivers class-leading operator comfort, immediately evident thanks to a wider entrance, more legroom, spacious interior and new ergonomic controls.

Interior comfort is improved by way of an industry-leading air circulation and defrosting system which, in conjunction with an improved climate control system, helps to make the pressurised cabin a pleasant place to be in all conditions. An ergonomically designed machine interface system, consisting of a large 8-inch colour screen, are placed strategically in the cabin and relay a variety of information to the operator as well as allow for convenient activation of key machine functions. Bluetooth and hands-free functionality contribute to operator comfort and safety, as does a multi-function seat which allows for enviable levels of personalisation to ensure the optimal seating position is achieved.

Thanks to Volvo’s reliability and durability, the cost of ownership equation has also been significantly enhanced.  For example, engine oil service intervals can be extended to 1000-hours in some applications, meaning less disruptions and more time spent on the job. When work is required, ground-level servicing negates the need to clamber up and down ladders, or to relocate machinery to a facility away from the jobsite. 

 To recognise the launch of the new Volvo E-Series Excavator, TDX is running a special offer through to the end of December. “It’s been a volatile year with everything that’s been happening, especially with Covid-19 related considerations, so we want to make it even easier for our customers to get into some new product,” said Mr Malcolm. “We are currently running a ‘Triple Zero’ promotion which means no fees, no deposit and no payments for three months. 

 “This offer, coupled with tailored warranty and service packages, makes for an extremely compelling proposition and we anticipate a large number of new Volvo E-Series models will be out and about in New Zealand in the not too distant future.”