New TDX pump over bulk delivery truck reduces costs and enhances efficiencies

23 Aug 2021


A brand-new lubricant delivery service introduced by TDX will enhance the restocking of product to key operators throughout the South Island.

“We first debuted a Pump-Over Truck in the North Island about 12-months ago and, based on its overwhelming success, decided to launch one to assist our customers throughout the Mainland,” said Jason Steele, TDX Business Manager for Shell Lubricants.

“Utilising the Pump-Over Truck has enabled us to make significant operational improvements from an efficiency perspective as well as cost reductions for our customers as they only pay for what they use.”

 The new Pump-Over Bulk Delivery Truck can carry and pump from both Immediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) and barrels, as well as transport smaller packs loaded on pallets for transfer to less easily-accessible locations. It is able to pump three products simultaneously at a high flow rate, offloading large volumes in a short period. This means less time spent on-site and fewer disruptions to the end customer.

 The delivery truck is capable of delivering consumables ranging from Shell Tellus S2 MX 22 light hydraulic fluids all the way through to heavy gear oils such as Shell Spirax S2 A 85W-140.It will also be pumping a full portfolio of heavy-duty diesel Rimula engine oils for heavy-equipment users, and top-tier Helix passenger car oils for automotive garages and commercial fleet operators.

 The arrival of the new truck helps to streamline customer operations, as the lack of drums and other packaging means significant space saving in workshops.TDX is also able to offer a remote monitoring system, which is used to ensure customer tanks never get below a minimum level and provides the ability to operate to ‘just-in-time’ principles and order new product for delivery as and when required.

 “Thanks to its staggering flowrate, we’re able to get delivery jobs done quickly and efficiently - especially when all three-pumps are operating at the same time,” said Mr Steele. “Oil dispensing pumps are driven by a PTO pump, which aids pump speed with the convenience of low noise while it’s operating.”

The Pump-Over delivery truck is a Scania R500 V8, custom fitted for TDX.  It has two steerable front axles and two driven rear axles with lockable differential which provides great manoeuvrability, stability and traction on the varied roads and terrain of the South Island. It uses Shell lubricants throughout, including Rimula R6 MS 10W-40 synthetic engine oil and Spirax S6 AXME 75W-90 synthetic fuel-economy transmission fluid, and will be operated by a dedicated driver who is trained specifically to deliver and pump oil products.

The truck itself has been designed with operator health and safety front of mind, with full bonded floor, checker-plate walk areas with hand rails as well as fold down rear steps with handrails, enabling three-points of contact at all times. The new, large truck will soon be joined by a smaller ‘around town’ truck for local service which can operate in tighter spaces, further enhancing support of TDX’s 16-nationwide company-owned branches.

“Our investment in both the North and South Island trucks is significant, but it’s money well spent as it enables us to better serve our customers and help ensure they have the right products when they need them,” said Mr Steele.

“With both trucks in operation, we now have the ability to service the entire country with bulk oil and lubricant delivery. “It’s another example of how TDX looks after our customers and provides them peace of mind, knowing we have their backs.”

*The TDX Pump-Over Bulk Delivery Truck is an essential service, therefore is able to offer this service to essential service customers under Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown, provided COVID-19 precautions including social distancing rules are followed.