TDX Demo zone


Nothing can beat time in the seat, so when it comes to ‘try before you buy,’ the team at TDX have developed an innovative new interactive experience for prospective machine operators to put a variety of Volvo products through their paces.

The dedicated 5,750 square metre site, located adjacent to the TDX Head Office in Christchurch, is now open for Volvo trials and demonstrations.

“The great thing about the Volvo Demo Zone is that it allows us to replicate some real-world situations, all here in the one site,” said James O’Connor, Volvo Product Manager at TDX.

“It’s another illustration of TDX combining world-class experience with local know-how to provide real benefit to our customers, as first-hand knowledge of a machine far exceeds anything we can ever offer through a brochure.”

The Volvo Demo Zone is just over 10-minutes drive from Christchurch Airport, so is handily located for customers to fly in, try some new machinery then fly home again.

“Operating in the one environment means we can remove the variables from a workplace situation, which allows different machines to be compared in the same conditions,” said Mr O’Connor.

“For example, we recently demonstrated a Volvo E Series Excavator (EC300EL) and a D Series Excavator (EC300DL) back-to-back to one of our customers.  Having exposure to both machines really enhanced their decision-making process and enabled them to make an informed choice.  They decided to run with the E Series, which also happened to be the first handover of a Volvo machine for their quarry.”

The TDX team are finding numerous other wins associated with the Volvo Demo Zone.

“Having the facility allows us to demonstrate a variety of products in a short amount of time and removes the need to transport large, heavy equipment around the country to sometimes remote and inaccessible areas.

“This not only saves considerable resource, but also helps reduce carbon emissions and improve our sustainability performance.”

A further advantage of the new Volvo Demo Centre is that it is the perfect location to showcase innovative new Volvo technology, such as operating with Hybrid powertrain systems on and off, as well as 2D and 3D GPS systems.

“Thinking outside the square, introducing innovative ideas and embracing new ways to do business, such as the new Volvo Demo Zone, will help maintain TDX as one of the country’s leading suppliers of heavy construction and earthmoving equipment,” said Mr O’Connor.

Visit the TDX website for more details about the Volvo Demo Zone: