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Description - FUELRIGHT 15K

Complete Diesel Fuel System Treatment. It is extremely effective in breaking down sludge in fuel and preventing recurrence.

Diesel bug, even in a mild form, produces sulphuric acid which causes corrosion in all metal fuel tanks, including stainless, and the fuel system itself.

This is a totally new way to treat for diesel bug, contamination and water as well as conditioning your fuel !
It is guaranteed safe to use and the most effective diesel bug treatment on the market.

Do you have diesel bug in your tank ? How would you know ?

Have you :

  • Blocked filters (with what?) sludge?
  • Engine starving for fuel?
  • Engine running rough? Missing? Slow to respond?
  • Water in filters? ( white liquid in the bottom of the filters)
  • Dark colour of the fuel?
  • More smoke in the exhaust?
  • Do you need to clean your injectors ?
  • Do you need to protect your tank from corrosion ?
FuelRight’s unique amine technology optimises engine performance:

As a professional grade product, used as the base treatment for commercial fuel polishing services, FuelRight is extremely concentrated, coming in either 1:15,000 or 1:30,000
1ml treats 15 liters of fuel. Comes with a measuring Syringe.

  • Dissolves microbial sludge releasing the bacteria to be burnt away.
  • Removes water
  • Neutralises corrosion and forms a protective layer on metals
  • Protects seals
How it works: Fuel Right works by optimising fuel atomisation which leads to:
  • Improved economy
  • Cleaner burning
  • Cleaner filters
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improve lubricity

FuelRight not only inhibits the acid production but also coats steel surfaces in your system, protecting them against corrosion from the combined effects of moisture and contamination. Amines in the innovative solution ‘melt’ the polysaccharides or binding agents holding bacterial sludge together, thereby releasing the bacteria into the fuel allowing them to be caught in the filters or be safely burnt away. No other fuel treatment we know of does this. Amines naturally clean and lubricate the injectors ensuring proper atomisation of fuel, and a more complete combustion, thereby improving economy, smoother running and reducing smoke and emissions.