KONRAD 560 Twin Prop

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Description - KONRAD 560 Twin Prop

Konrad Marine is a leading manufacturer of stern drive propulsion systems for global marine applications. The The 560 twin prop stern drive package was designed to handle gasoline or diesel engine torque and was engineered to gain efficiency by sharing the torque load with dual propeller technology.
Counter rotating propellers reduce propeller roll, greatly increasing low speed manoeuvrability for superb docking and substantially improving handling in reverse. The 560 reduces propeller slip, increasing fuel economy and top speed. With its state of the art engineering and highest quality components, the 560 is capable of exceeding commercial market demands.
The Konrad 560 Twin Prop drive features two, one piece stainless steel propeller shafts, fitted with line protection seals. The specially designed stainless steel propellers vary in pitch up to a 16“ maximum diameter.
The major components are manufactured in-house at Konrad, including the gear sets of high grade aircraft quality steel, heavy duty drive shafts and high quality, heat treated aluminium castings. To ensure customer satisfaction, Konrad tests all their stern drives for heat, noise and vibration prior to leaving their plant.
Konrad’s 560 Twin Prop counter rotating drive is based on the military proven 520 with a heavy duty transom assembly. The 560 twin prop offers boat enthusiasts a complete propulsion system for the rigors of recreational and commercial duty on single engine vessels weighing up to 11,000 lbs.


Specifications - KONRAD 560 Twin Prop

  • Oversized bearings
  • Thicker castings
  • Hardened steel shafts
  • Largest u-joints in the industry
  • Continuous oil circulation for cool operation
  • One piece propeller shaft
  • Precision machined super alloy gears
  • No corrosive exhaust through drive
  • No failure-prone cone clutch