VM Motori

MR506 SH3

  • Horse Power270 hp

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Description - MR506 SH3

The new MR506 SH3 engine delivers exceptional performance using state-of-the-art injection technologies and turbocharging.
The new 3.0L V6 engine with a power of 270 HP and a torque of 587Nm at 2200 RPM is at the top of its category.

Thanks to its compactness it offers great installation flexibility.
The main technical features are the 2000 bar injection system, a double chain driven overhead camshaft and 4 valves per cylinder.
Thanks to the new variable geometry VGT turbocharger with ball bearings and a water cooled turbine, the engine is able to develop both a very high specific power and an immediate response from low revolutions. Reliable, fast, ecological and with low noise levels,
the new V6 diesel engine of the MR506 family is able to meet the needs of every boatie.


Specifications - MR506 SH3

  • 270hp @ 2,200 RPM
  • 6 Cylinder
  • Water cooled
  • Common rail