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Description - SAKURA RANGE

Sakura filters are one of the largest filter manufacturers in the truck, bus, off-road and car markets. Sakura Filters are manufactured for Sakura Filter Industries Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, in accordance to OEM specification.

Key features include filter media that are jointly developed with world class suppliers to meet the most stringent requirements and to ensure high efficiency and maximum lifetime. More than 6000 part numbers are listed covering oil, fuel, air, hydraulic, and separator filters for automotive, commercial, and heavy equipment.

The ADR group (Owners of the Sakura brand) are the trusted supplier and contract manufacturer to many well respected OEM’s along with many of the worlds leading filtration brands.  Having been in the filtration business now for more than 40 years the Sakura Brand is exported to 80 countries.  With a pedigree like that Sakura Filtration is a brand you can trust!


We were the founding distributors of Sakura Filtration in NZ.  Some 25 years ago we were appointed the distributor  importing the range of product from Sakura to mainly target the Light Commercial Japanese truck fleet.  Since then we have expanded the Sakura range  to include Automotive, Marine, Truck and Bus and Heavy Equipment. 

We stock an extensive range of Sakura filters for automotive, commercial, and heavy equipment applications.

Oil filters, Fuel filters, Air filters, Hydraulic filters &Transmission filters

Sakura Filters are designed and manufactured in accordance to SAE, JIS, and DIN standards, to meet the efficiency, life expectancy, vibration, impulse, and other criteria’s for quality assurance.  Hence why every Sakura Filter sold is backed by the Factory Warranty meaning you can have 100% confidence in every Sakura Filter you fit. 

Our TDX Sales Reps will be happy to assist you in putting together a fleet list and preparing a proposal to help you evaluate reducing your maintenance costs.

You can watch some product videos by clicking on links below:

Sakura Cabin Air Filters video

Sakura Engine Air Filters video

Sakura Fuel filters video

For more product information visit: SAKURA PRODUCT WEBSITE