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Yanmar is in our blood Yanmar is in our blood

At TDX we have been the proud NZ Distributor of Yanmar world-class compact equipment for the past 10 years.

As the local Yanmar distributor we are committed to understanding our customers business so we can give you the best advice on the right machine to suit your business. Across our TDX sales and service teams we are passionate about knowing everything there is to know about each Yanmar machine.

Some would say Yanmar is in our Blood.

The other thing that we are passionate about is helping locals.

Now more than ever more New Zealander's require blood donations whether as cancer patients, accident victims, pregnant women or for other medical/ surgical requirements.

Did you know that:
• Every donation of blood will save at least 3 local New Zealanders
• Less than 3% of people in New Zealand are blood donors

To celebrate the launch of the premium red colour scheme, now available across the Yanmar equipment line-up, we jumped at the chance to support NZBlood, to give blood and save lives.

Through March/April we are calling all TDX friends, family, staff, customers and suppliers. We have set ourselves an ambitious target of getting 100 blood donations and save 300 New Zealand lives.

Keep track of our donations as we turn our Yanmars from yellow to premium red!


20 Donations

(60 Lives Saved as at 04/03/2022)


Am I elible to donate?

Find out by clicking here if you are eligible to donate blood.

How to donate

Head to the NZ Blood page sign up to the TDX Team and donate at the nearest clinic. Then through March/April check back on this page to track our progress.

Donate in Cambridge on 21st March

We are planning to turn our National Distribution Centre in Hautapu into a Donation Clinic on the 21st March. If you would like to donate and take up this opportunity please advise on the form here and we will be in touch.

How to sign up to the TDX team

In order for us to link all of the donations from Team Red TDX, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Log into (or download the App)
  2. Create a donor login profile and/or login
  3. Click on Profile Icon top right and Select 'My Donor Portal'
  4. Click Team Red group
  5. Search for your team: Team Red Challenge – TDX New Zealand
  6. Click link my donations

Once you have scheduled your donation please can you complete this form, so that we can track our donation progress and personally thank you for your kind support.

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Our specialist team are here to assist you.
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