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Genuine Volvo parts - 2 year warranty

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Description - Genuine Volvo parts - 2 year warranty

Not only can Volvo Construction Equipment supply you with parts and components that are tailor-made for your machine, we also back them with extensive warranty coverage for your complete peace of mind.

Genuine Volvo Parts and Components are designed and engineered to the highest standards and built to work in perfect harmony with Volvo Construction Equipment.
When you fit your machine with Genuine Volvo Parts, you can expect optimum performance, reliability and long service life.

However, should a part fail due to a warrantable defect, Volvo Construction Equipment is here to support you. All Genuine Volvo Parts and Components (excluding wear parts, consumables and maintenance parts) now come with a two year part warranty as standard.

Volvo Genuine Parts


Specifications - Genuine Volvo parts - 2 year warranty

Why use Genuine Volvo parts?

Genuine Volvo parts offer the highest quality and guaranteed performance for your Volvo machine. Every part is vital for uptime and performance. Use only parts and products that have been specifically developed, tested and approved for optimal function – a key to reduced owning and operating costs. Volvo’s quality parts offering includes a wide range of components and service options for long-lasting performance and cycle life.

Why use Volvo tooth system?

Volvo tooth system is designed to withstand the extreme forces and wear that the bucket is exposed to when digging and loading. The teeth have the correct balance between hardness and high tension steel, which is the key to quality and long wear-life. The Volvo tooth system also includes segments and wear caps in several sizes to extend the lifetime of your bucket and adapter. Volvo has a wide range of teeth, adapters and segments for wheel loaders and excavators.

Why use Volvo oils and lubricants?

Optimal performance and uptime can only be guaranteed by using the recommended Volvo lubricants. No-one knows the needs of Volvo machines better than Volvo. By using genuine Volvo lubricants extended service intervals are offered. Fewer oil changes means savings in time and money and less waste,

Genuine Volvo lubricants increase component and machine life. This is achieved by providing greater protection and performance in the areas of corrosion protection, low temperature pump ability and high-temperature service life

Failure to carry out regular oil changes will damage your Volvo

Why use Volvo filters?


  • Long service intervals and reduced cost. No unplanned workshop visits or downtime which means decreased maintenance cost
  • Maximize the functionality of your Volvo machine. Test proves that only genuine Volvo filters can maximize the functionality of your Volvo machine
  • Volvo filters always represent the best business. By protecting the component from damaging particles, less wear and increased service life, Volvo filters represent the best business for your Volvo machine

Why use Volvo hoses?


Every part of the hydraulic system is engineered to perform together. The Volvo hydraulic hoses are therefore engineered and tested to work in combination with all other components in the hydraulic system. When calibrating the hydraulic hose for the various functions, the following properties are taken into account

  • Bend radius
  • Flexing capacities
  • Working pressure and pressure peaks
  • Flow & speed
  • Vibrations
  • Temperatures
  • Environment
  • Wear

Remanufactured Volvo Parts.

We also have a huge inventory of remanufactured Volvo parts ready to go. Our extensive range includes items such as – axles, transmissions, final drives, drop boxes, engines, water pumps, turbochargers, alternators, starter motors, compressors, radiators, hydraulic pumps, ECU’s, injectors, and hydraulic cylinders. All our remanufactured Volvo parts are also backed by a 2 year / 6,000 hour warranty, whichever comes first.

Terms & Conditions

Coverage: Twenty-four (24) months or hours limit, whichever occurs first HOUR LIMITATION: 6 000 hours

The warranty applies to parts or components found to be defective due to a material fault or poor workmanship during the manufacturing process. The 24-month warranty coverage follows the same terms and conditions as the Volvo Construction Equipment Warranty Terms & Conditions supplied by your dealer. The coverage starts from the date of installation specified by the invoice/work order, or purchase date. Supporting documents shall be made available upon request from Volvo CE. For the complete terms, conditions and limitations, contact your local dealer. All parts and components replaced or repaired during the warranty period at no cost to either owner/ end customer will receive the remainder of the original warranty period. For example, in the event a component with a 24-month warranty period undergoes a warranty repair after 22 months, it will receive the remaining two-month warranty coverage.