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Undercarriage inspection service

FREE undercarriage assessment WORTH $450 when requested in conjunction with a scheduled service of over 4,000 hours.

At TransDiesel we know times are tough right now. Sign up to a 1,000 hr Volvo or Yanmar
Scheduled Service and let us take the worry out of servicing your machine.

While we’re at it we’ll provide a comprehensive undercarriage inspection worth over $450 absolutely FREE.
Simple. Easy and stress free. #wevegotyourback

Terms and conditions apply.
Offer available on any machines over 4,000 hours where a scheduled service of at least 1,000 hours is signed up by a TransDiesel representative on either a Volvo or Yanmar excavator until 31st October 2021

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Description - Undercarriage inspection service

The excavator’s undercarriage does a hero’s job. It supports the total weight of the machine and is continuously subjected to rocks and other obstacles when in operation. Many of its parts are exposed to constant wear and stress. By keeping the undercarriage in good condition, you can count on the machine to always work safely and effectively, even in the most demanding operating conditions. An undercarriage in poor condition can lead to serious problems such as: reduced machine safety, reduced stability, increased fuel consumption, shortened machine life or risk of unplanned downtime.

Undercarriage Inspection with TDX

The undercarriage is unseen part of the machine where the most amount of damage in inflicted.Our team of Volvo and Yanmar qualified service technicians will come to you, thoroughly inspect your machine and provide a detailed report before any minor damage become costly repairs. Items our team will check include: link wear, bushing wear (outer), Link wear (height), Grouser shoe wear, Bottom roller tread wear.

At TDX we offer OEM undercarriage options on our Yanmar and Volvo product. For our Volvo excavators we can offer the Volvo Endurance and Performance range of parts.
Through the inspection process we take all these measurements and insert them into a form, along with readings that we have taken from the MATRIS download.

With this information we are able to work out how much wear each component has endured and estimate how much life is left in each component. This helps our customers plan for when the undercarriage will need replacement allowing it to be done pro actively and before any parts become unusable. The machine is then not out of action unexpectantly, maximising production and assist with customers cash flow and financial planning.

Finance Options available on repairs

Should your machine be in need of repair we have a range of finance options available.
Drop us a note and we will find a competitive package to get your machine repaired and back up and running. 

Undercarriage inspection with Customer Support Rep Joe


Features - Undercarriage inspection service

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We will measure for stretch in the link chain and any general warping or damage. Rocks
and material can also get caught.

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We measure the height of the link which indicates wear rates. We also check for
abnormal wear, which would indicate other issues and any loose pins or cracking.

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We measure the outer size of the bushing comparing to official Volvo wear figures & checking for any cracks.

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We measure the depth of the grouser, this gives us an indication of machine traction & on how much wear they have used and an estimation of life left. 

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Here we measure the tread diameter. This is where the chains rub the roller & the roller guides the chains.

We also check for any leaks as these are a sealed grease unit, no grease means they will seize.

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For the idler we measure the flange depth again giving us an indication of its wear.

The sprocket we measure the wear on the teeth and check for damage or cracking.