Shell Corena S3 R 32

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Description - Shell Corena S3 R 32

Shell Corena S3 R is a premium quality air compressor oil designed to deliver high performance lubrication of rotary sliding vane and screw air compressors. It uses an advanced additive system to provide excellent protection and performance for compressors running at up to 20 bar and 100°C discharge temperatures with oil maintenance intervals of up to 6000 hours.

Shell Corena S3 R provides:

- Protection against formation of carbon deposits in sliding vane slots in vane compressors

- Resistance against thermal breakdown and deposit formation to maintain excellent internal surface cleanliness

- Compatibility with seal materials specified for use with mineral oils.


Specifications - Shell Corena S3 R 32

ISO 6743-3:2003 (E) L-DAH