We're committed to working towards a more sustainable future.


TDX has joined an increasing number of companies around the world taking a leadership position in the area of sustainability and have recently been certified a Toitū carbonreduce certified organisation.  Toitū will assist us on our decarbonisation journey as we actively look at ways to reduce our carbon emissions, lessen our impact on the environment and deliver a more sustainable future.

Toitū currently serve over 900 clients worldwide with a team of scientists and business experts that lead positive change through a system of robust carbon and environmental programmes that are internationally recognised and certified to an ISO 14064-1:2018 standard.

 “Toitū will assist us in setting up our company baseline by first measuring our carbon output.  The next step will see us setting targets and actions to reduce our overall carbon footprint,” said Colm Hamrogue, CEO of TDX.

“Rather than paying lip service to sustainability, we’re going to the next level and measuring our outputs then making a concerted effort to actively reduce our emissions using science-based tools and evidence. We’re doing our part to look after our local environment.  Ultimately it will benefit the greater good of everyone, from our people through to suppliers and partners, our customers, as well as people in the communities surrounding each of our 18 branches.”

Belinda Mathers, Chief Science and Advisory Officer of Toitū Envirocare, said “It’s great to see TDX is now Toitū carbonreduce certified.  It demonstrates their commitment to measuring and reducing their carbon emissions. 

“We need more businesses and industries to step up.  As a prominent heavy machinery company operating in high-emissions sectors, this sets a powerful example of holding yourself accountable and offering emission reduction options.  Moving to lower emissions machinery is not the end goal but it's a great starting place. 

“This demonstrates that every company, regardless of its industry, can contribute to addressing the pressing issue of supply chain emissions.  We'll be monitoring closely to see how they lead in making improvements to reduce their impact with real actions.”

To further demonstrate their commitment to the programme, we have employed a full-time Sustainability and Quality Manager, whose sole responsibility is overseeing the company’s journey toward emissions reduction.

“We want to be a true market leader in this space, which means talking the talk and walking the walk.  It’s more than just making small changes such as turning lights out when leaving a room or an increased focus on recycling, we’re in the process of identifying areas in which we can make significant wins,” added Mr Hamrogue.

“We rebranded our business last year to set us up for the future and what sustainable energy sources unfold in the next few years.  The partnership between TDX and Toitū is the next step. 

“Some of our customers are already leading with Toitū and our partners Volvo are leading and driving change in the machines they manufacture.

“It’s now time for us to ramp up our focus in the environmental space, this is an exciting opportunity for TDX and we look forward to playing our part in reducing the carbon impact on our planet.”

For more information see tdxltd.co.nz/tdx-sustainability